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E l e j a h   A p p r e c i a t i o n   W e e k

  • Day 1: First moment you started shipping Elejah.

The handshake raised my interest. It had that nice tension that’s always a pleasure to observe on screen, so that was what made me pay closer attention to them in the following scenes.

But the moment my heart was lost to the river of emotion and started to very quickly head for the ocean named OTP was beyond doubt when they started bargaining. It’s just… the thing that I can never forget is the way they seemed to enjoy it while the Negotiation was taking place.

I mean Elena knew that her life was what was on the line, she knew if she was clever enough she could get Stefan’s freedom and her friends’ safety as part of that deal, but instead of being entirely serious and distanced her eyes were sparkling with the challenge. I remember thinking that I’d never seen Elena have that particular expression on her face before.

And Elijah came in with his terms thinking he could get her to agree, - because he’s an Original and basically had all the cards, - and then leave with that part of his plan behind him. Except Elena was more than he’d expected and her fearless attitude caught him off guard. The thing is that he didn’t really have to follow her terms, if she proved herself unreasonable he could have very easily compelled her to do as he wanted, or if she had started drinking instead of wearing vervain, threatened her family (although what we know about him now tells me that this would have been a last resort).

But after he left he did more than he planned to when he arrived. And as his own genuine smile signals he was more than enjoying the whole thing himself. A smile by the way I have yet to see him wear near anyone else even now.

So yup… that scene had my heart hook line and sinker.

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