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Hello! This, friends, is a multifandom blog of the most random unpredictability. But if you want to know what to expect? Well... ladies, always them. Every kind in every kind of situation. 90% of my posts contain 1 or more women I adore. And I tend to adore all of them. 50% is OTPs. 20% & 20% is friendships & family. As for worlds? Fantasy, Dystopia, Space... but cops and spies and thieves in our type of world as well. In a word? Everything.

E l e j a h   A p p r e c i a t i o n   W e e k

  • Day 2: Your favorite Elejah parallel.

I really do not have a single one, but that is because the important cornerstones of each of their characters parallel perfectly. What Elijah sees as the most important thing Elena does as well. What Elena finds meaningful Elijah himself treasures.

Both Elena and Elijah give immense thought to keeping ones word. If they promise someone something they are fully intending to not back down until the deal is kept. They have never lied while coming to an agreement, not when they do it with each other and not when they do it with anyone else. Lying in that sort of setting just isn’t a part of their personalities.

Then there is trust. Both of them have trusted a lot of people in their time, a lot of times they have been betrayed. By each other as well. But despite all that they seem to be able to keep that faith intact. If one of them breaks their word, they understand why it has happened and somehow they never even stop believing in each others intentions… to the point where they are willing to negotiate again.

Compassion. Elijah first showed Elena his capability to express it when he gifted her with the elixir that might have saved her life during the sacrifice. Nothing about that was selfish, and neither was it necessary for the accomplishment of his revenge. Elena of course seems to be incapable of holding that empathy to herself regarding anyone, but I do think that her greatest show of it was when she agreed to give Elijah Klaus’s body. After all Klaus is his brother and Elena understands the importance of family.

Which brings me to my last point.

Anything and everything they do they do for their families. Elena’s might include some people who are not related to her by blood, but that does not make them any less part of her heart. And as Elijah and Elena have proven more than once they would fight gods and sacrifice everything else to keep what’s left of their homes safe.

And all of those are intertwined. They give their words because they trust each other. They trust each other because they can see the compassion they hold for one another. That compassion exists, because they understand what they would do for their own family. And nothing is more honorable than keeping the people closest to you safe.

This is what connects and what separates them. Quite frankly my fondest wish is for the Salvatores to make peace with the Mikaelsons, because the moment they did that there would be nothing that could stop Elejah from finally coming to fruition.

So that’s about it! Their very characters parallel each other on multiple levels, so choosing one is simply impossible for me.

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