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Hello! This, friends, is a multifandom blog of the most random unpredictability. But if you want to know what to expect? Well... ladies, always them. Every kind in every kind of situation. 90% of my posts contain 1 or more women I adore. And I tend to adore all of them. 50% is OTPs. 20% & 20% is friendships & family. As for worlds? Fantasy, Dystopia, Space... but cops and spies and thieves in our type of world as well. In a word? Everything.

E l e j a h   A p p r e c i a t i o n   W e e k

  • Day 3: Your favorite Elena scene.

There are lots and lots of scenes where I enjoy Elena and some where I cant stand her actions (but in a good way, it is possible to hate something a character does without hating the character… I know shocker!).

But anyway, all the scenes that I absolutely adore her in are the ones where she faces someone who has more power and does not flinch. The scenes where she gets to make her own choice, where she protects the people she cares for. So basically every time she’s ever ‘sucker-punched’ a bad guy is fine by me ;)

But as this is the Elejah week I’ll stick with the theme.

So there are basically two scenes where I admired Elena immensely.

The first one is where she stabbed herself to get Elijah’s word on not hurting her friends even if they’ve hurt him - thereby distracting him so she could have a chance to then stab him.

Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely cursed at the screen when she killed Elijah, but I didn’t really blame her (Damon’s fault… him I blamed immensely). After all knowing that Stefan and Damon were now aware the Deal did not include her life meant she couldn’t trust them to not get themselves killed. And no matter how much she might have trusted that Elijah would have kept his word and not retaliated, there was absolutely no way to know for sure that while they were looking for her all over the state to get her away from Elijah they didn’t draw the rage of someone else.

The second scene I love as well and maybe (definitely) even more.

The reason behind her pulling the dagger out raises her in my eyes even more than the fact that she pulled the damn thing out at all. I love that when she found out that Bonnie planned to sacrifice her life she decided the way to make sure that didn’t happen was to get Elijah back in her corner.

Plus… she woke Elijah up!

In conclusion, I love Elena and any scene where she does something brave and clever without the constricting wishes of the Salvatores is automatically raised to a favorite.

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